Biographical Summary

Prof. Max Lüscher

On September 9, 1923, Max Lüscher was born in the Swiss university town of Basel. He attended school in Basel and in 1944 was awarded his "Matura" there, a diploma which would allow him to pursue his studies at the university level. He went on to study psychiatry and earned a doctorate in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and the philosophy of law. His dissertation on "Color as a diagnostic tool in psychology" was pronounced "summa cum laude" by the professors of psychiatry, philosophy, and psychology.

He then embarked on a career as a psychotherapist in Basel and, from 1961-1965, in Berlin. Since then, he has made his home in Lucerne, where he is the head of the Institute for Medical Psychodiagnostics and contributes to scientific work on Lüscher-Color-Diagnostics and therapy. The main emphasis of his activities is on training seminars for physicians and guest lectures. The Lüscher-Color-Diagnostics are taught in seven languages, and it is used at universities throughout the world, e.g. in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA (Yale, Boston), Chile, Peru, and Argentina.


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